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Who we are

The ACCEDER Group is a network of social enterprises providing nationwide services, its raison d’être being commitment.

Professional commitment

Highly competitive services, solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and guarantee of the highest standards of quality, efficiency and reliability.

Social commitment

Building bridges to employment for persons with special difficulties in accessing the labour market, following models of social enterprises and protected employment environments.

The Acceder Group

The ACCEDER Group emerged as a natural and logical evolution of the work carried out within the ACCEDER Programme with a view to promoting the labour and social inclusion of people with special difficulties in accessing the labour market. It constitutes transition mechanisms between the process of labour insertion and the definitive incorporation in mainstream employment, which allows the gradual acquisition of social and professional skills in a supervised environment.

Where are we located

ACCEDER Headquarters

C/ Ahijones, s/n - 28018 - MADRID

91 422 09 60

91 422 09 61


Local offices

Nationwide presence